Monday, September 29, 2008

Spirit Week

Hello All!
We have just started Spirit Week for the Homecoming game on Friday. I am hoping to get a picture everday of Miss Parker to post. Here is a run down of the dress attire for the week...

Monday-Hunting and Fishing Day (remember...the school is in Manning - HA!HA!)
Tuesday-Inside Out Day
Wednesday-Pajama Day
Thursday-Hippy Day
Friday-Orange and Blue Day

So with today being Hunting and Fishing day of course the obvious was camoflauge but you all know me, I dont do anything like anyone else. I found some cute pink camo pants and sweet Ava passed down a t-shirt that went perfect with it. We added a little pink and green camo paint to her face and we were set! She was the hit of the school because everyone noticed her...just like her momma HA!HA!

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Lori said...

Pretty in pink....even in pink camo!!! LOL